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Get Your Filter Refurbished

For the ultimate in clean water it is recommended to return your Hurley II, Hurley III and The Protector (only the second stage) to the factory every five (5) years for refurbishment (replacement of all filtration media). Present refurbishment cost of Hurley II water filter is only $89.00.

Imagine… the next 5 years of clean water for less then $89.00! Plus $20.00 for shipping.

Hurley II
Hurley III
The Protector
Refurbishment Cost

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clean water
You don't need costly reverse osmosis systems or bottled water anymore! Hurley's Protector® reduces by 99.9%; bacteria, cysts, and sediment. It reduces organic chemicals like chlorine, taste, odor, color, and heavy metals like.....
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water filter
Protect yourself against the consequences of the byproducts (i.e., trihalomethanes) of chlorinated drinking water. You have a right to and need water! The Hurley II removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, other.....
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filtered water compamy
As many as 30 million people may be drinking water containing unhealthy levels of lead, which causes brain damage.* Whether you have lead in your water or not, that fact is frightening. News about lead problems comes from the U.S.....
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Hurley Chicago… Offering America and the world clean water for over 46 years.

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Phone: 1-815-472-0087

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