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Protector Water Filter
The Hurley Protector
You don't need costly reverse osmosis systems or bottled water anymore! Hurley's Protector® reduces by 99.9%; bacteria, cysts, and sediment. It reduces organic chemicals like chlorine, taste, odor, color, and heavy metals like:
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Lead (98.6%) - For making car batteries
Manganese (99.9%) - Used in making stainless steel
Cadmium (98.7%) -For stabilizing plastic
Copper (99.5%) - In electrical wires
Iron (96.5%) For a variety of durable consumer goods
Mercury (99.9%) - In thermometers
Aluminum (87.3%) Used in many consumer goods
Zinc (97.3%). - Anti corrosion agent

There is no wasted water as with reverse osmosis systems.
Plus, you will not have to carry heavy bottled water from the store into your home.

The cost comparison is startling! The Hurley Protector is pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of bottled water.

Ordinary tap water is turned into high-quality, crystal-clear drinking water! If needed you'll get 20 gallons of great tasting water per hour!
Arsenic, Fluoride and Nitrate removal can be added as a optional third stage, if needed.

Are you aware:
• The fluoride in your water is a waste product.
• Fluoride causes blotchy teeth.
• In 1933 an exhaustive review of medical information.

The Hurley Protector $990.00 Free shipping included.

Hurley Chicago… Offering America and the world clean water for over 46 years.

Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. BBB Business Review
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Phone: 1-815-472-0087

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