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Hurley II Water Filter
The Hurley II
Hurley II
Protect yourself . . .
. . . against the consequences of the byproducts (i.e., trihalomethanes) of chlorinated drinking water.
You have a right to clean, inexpensive, portable water.

The Hurley II features:
• Original hot water backwash system
• Highest-quality granular activated carbon for efficient
water treatment
• Premium grade 316L stainless steel housing for
beauty and durability
• Improved filtering media for fine sediment filtration
• Compact size
• Passes Government tests (Lab Reports Included In Each Box)
• Recommended five-year refurbishing includes
carbon and all filter replacements.

The Hurley II removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, other agricultural runoff, foul tastes, odors, and color.
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Would You Drink Bleach?
Of course not! ½ a cup of bleach would kill you, yet bleach is 5.25 percent chlorine.
Chlorine is a toxic chemical – but, it is used to treat our potable water. Chlorine kills the tiny microbes and bacteria in the water. So, when you drink water from a city water supply… you are drinking chlorinated water. A Hurley II water filter reduces by 99.9%; chlorine, sediment and organic chemicals like taste, odor and color.

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The Hurley II $495.00 Free shipping included.

Hurley Chicago… Offering America and the world clean water for over 46 years.

Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. BBB Business Review Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. BBB Business Review
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Phone: 1-815-472-0087

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