Hurley Chicago Restoration

Get Your Filter Refurbished

For the ultimate in clean water it is recommended to return your Hurley II, Novus, Hurley III, Hurley IV and The Protector (only the second stage) to the factory every five (5) years for refurbishment (replacement of all filtration media). Present refurbishment cost of Hurley II water filter is only $80.00.
Imagine… the next 5 years of clean water for less then $85.00! Plus $10.00 for shipping.
Note - Average cost over 10 years, only $58.50 per year.

Hurley Chicago Shipping

Current refurbishment cost:

Model Refurbishment Cost S&H
Hurley II $ 82.00 $10.00
Hurley III $112.00 $15.00
Novus $122.00 $15.00
Novus II $142.00 $15.00
Protector $142.00 $15.00