Hurley Novus

Hurley Novus
Hurley Chicago Filtered Water

Let Hurley Novus be your choice for quality home drinking water. Millions of consumers on potable water systems are deciding to improve the quality of their personal drinking water.  People want their water to smell better and look clearer.

Clean water has no smell. Your water may smell bad, because of chlorine and other contamination.

Many folks find the taste of chlorine offensive. If you buy bottled water or have been thinking about making a change for better water, the Hurley Novus is your answer.

There is no chance for plasticized material in water as shown in recent testing of plastic bottled water.
Please note – your house of representatives in Washington D.C. has forbidden the use of plastic water bottles in their offices. Why don’t they protect the rest of us from plastic bottled water?

High supplies of our groundwater, from which 49% of the U.S. municipal water is drawn, are still contaminated.

Hurley Novus filters that water.

The Hurley Novus features a fully recyclable hot water backwash system - an environmentally sound technology with a proven track record. That’s right - actual field experience. This system outperforms other filters.* An opinion paper by a New York based marketing firm points to the failure of 9 out of every 10 product launches in today's glutted marketplace.

More than 37 years experience is built into the Hurley Novus. Installed under the sink, the Hurley Novus brings clear, filtered water to a separate faucet on your sink, at 20 gallons per hour.

Fill With Water

If you have tried slower delivery systems, you will truly appreciate the Hurley Novus.


• Benzene
• Carbon tetrachloride
• p-Dichlorobenzene
• Trichloroethylene
• Trihalomethanes
• Dichloroethylene
• 1, 1, 1 - Trichloroethane
• 1, 2 - Dichloroethane


• Performance tested through government guidelines
• Each unit has the test report in the box.
• Originated hot water backwash system
• Pressure regulators to control water flow and prevent rupturing
• Highest-quality granular activated carbon for efficient water treatment
• Premium grade 316L stainless steel housing for beauty and durability
• Improved filtering media for fine sediment filtration
• Simple under-counter installation
• Compact size


Recommended five-year refurbishing includes granular activated carbon and all filter replacements.

The Novus, only $950.00 - includes a Free Hurley Rain Showerhead, ($149.00 value),  with each purchase. Free shipping included.