Hurley Rain

With crystalline quartz to energize your shower!

Hurley Rain

Showers that make you say…


Better showers that protect your family!
Reduce free chlorine in your shower by 90%
with the Hurley Rain Showerhead.

Hurley Chicago Rain
• Better suds, lather and rinsing
• Over 90% of free chlorine removed
• Relieves itchy, dry skin, and hair brittleness
• Makes hair more manageable
• Skin feels soft and caressable
• Eliminate shower odors
• Aids in control of fungus and mildew
• Saves water and energy costs
• Built-in flow reduction
• Easy to install
• Uses KDF-55 plus a blend of proprietary amalgamation
   reduction media
• Reversible -- for back flushing -- increases performance
• Whedon designer series showerhead – solid brass,
  chrome plated, American-made, fixed-action
  showerhead, consistently rated Best Buy

Chlorine is one of the most toxic elements. Studies show inhaling chlorine may be 6 times more volatile than drinking it. Chlorine-sensitive individuals can have negative reactions to chlorine. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible. Chlorine also destroys the natural bacterial balance of the skin.

  The Hurley Rain Showerhead, only $149.00*
  Free with purchase of Protector, Novus, Hurley II, Hurley III, and Hurley IV.