Hurley II

Hurley II

Protect yourself . . .

. . . against the consequences of the byproducts (i.e., trihalomethanes) of chlorinated drinking water.
You have a right to and need water!

The Hurley II features:

• Original hot water backwash system
• Highest-quality granular activated carbon for efficient
   water treatment
• Premium grade 316L stainless steel housing for
   beauty and durability
• Improved filtering media for fine sediment filtration
• Compact size
• Passes Government tests
• Recommended five-year refurbishing includes
    carbon and all filter replacements.

The Hurley II removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, other agricultural runoff, foul tastes, odors, and color.

Hurley Chicago Hurley II

The Hurley II  $495.00 - includes a Free Hurley Rain Showerhead, ($149.00 value),
with each purchase. Free shipping included.