Hurley Chicago FAQ

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The company is financially strong and solvent. It was proud to have shown a profit in its very first year of incorporation. The National City Bank may be contacted for references. Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. is also listed with Dun and Bradstreet.


Hurley Chicago FAQ

Your Assurance

Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. strives to maintain an unblemished record for marketing quality products whose prices are competitive when evaluated over the life of the product. There has never been any litigation as a result of nonperformance. Promotional and ethical guidelines established by the Water Quality Association are strictly followed. All claims made by the company regarding its products can be sustained with independent laboratory tests and/or documented research.

Hurley Chicago FAQ

When will my shipment arrive?

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Hurley Chicago FAQ


Prices may differ worldwide because of the following additional expenditures:  import duty, declaration charges, custom inspections, shipping and handling, warehousing, sales and business taxes, printing of brochures in appropriate language, and service for warranty.


We accept

Master Card, Visa, Money Orders, Bank transfers, Letter of Credit and Cash. But, never send us cash in the mail.

Hurley Chicago FAQ

What is in the Water? – A  Timeline:

1800 - 1875 Water is taken directly from streams, rivers and lakes and used for drinking, cooking and washing.

1905 – Chlorine introduced to municipal drinking water to prevent waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, etc.

Early 1900’s- People became aware of what was in the water they were drinking. But, manufacturing facilities spewed waste water into our lakes, rivers and streams, polluting the water that eventually came back through people’s faucets. Out-cry from the populace demanded cleaner water. Water filtration facilities spread across the nation, trying to provide clean water. Chemicals are added at most water filtration sites.

1940’s – Homeowners installed reverse osmosis systems. People felt that reverse osmosis could stop harmful substances from being a part of the water that they were drinking. But, filter cartridge costs have consumer’s spending money every month… of every year

1990 – Risk factor in developing bladder cancer among people ingesting chlorinated water ranged from 12 to 27% (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD)

1992 – Chlorination and byproducts account for at least 6,500 cases of rectal cancer and 4,200 cases of bladder cancer in the U.S. each year. (Harvard University School of Public Health, Medical College of Wisconsin)

1997 – Chloroform, a byproduct of mixing chlorine with humic acid found in surface water, is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. (University of Minnesota)

1998 – Pregnant women who drank 5 or more glasses per day of tap water containing trihalomethanes had a miscarriage rate of 15.7%. (California Department of Health Services)

2009 – The battle for clean water continues
. Hurley Chicago Company Incorporated is here to make sure that you have clean water.