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Hurley Chicago Distributors

Owning your own business eliminates the worry and fear of layoffs and/or forced early retirement. You decide when you want to work. You decide how much you want to work. You decide how much $$$ you want to make.

Working for someone else creates bountiful money for other people and creates dividends for stockholders who will enjoy unprecedented incomes based on your hard work. You get a paycheck, filled with deductions.It is time to consider working for yourself. You get the profits! 


Hurley Chicago Distributors
can become a dealer/distributor for a company that has manufactured a one-of-a-kind water filter system for homes and small business for the past 37 years. You can get in on the ground floor of the present expansion program. Territories are in the making. You can write your own ticket. We have unique training programs designed for your succe$$.









Hurley Chicago Distributors

Call, fax, or e-mail your request for information to the attention of: Gus Losos. Now!