About Hurley Chicago

The Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. Story

In 1969 Mr. Hurley became acquainted with drinking water problems through his association with the Du Pont family, (chemical company owners).  Jason Hurley established the fact that clean water was essential to a healthy body. During the next 3 years Mr. Hurley compiled research and assembled the original Hurley Chicago Company. In 1972 he introduced the company to the public via direct sales. In 1979, Mr. Hurley sold his prosperous business to the current owner and president, Gus Losos.

Hurley Chicago Company was incorporated in 1979 and the executive office was moved from Chicago to Worth, Illinois. Mr. Hurley remained a consultant to the Company until his death in 1980. Product expansion started in April 1982 with the introduction of new Hurley products: an icemaker filter, and in-line sediment filters. A third model change was added to the existing Hurley Town & Country Water Systems in February of 1983 - the debut of the "Silver" finish. The following month brought an in-line scale and stain inhibitor. A recreational vehicle filter and the Hurley Chlorine Injection System soon followed. Other in-line combinations have been developed. In 1984 Hurley Chicago Co., Inc. purchased an industrial condominium to use for its Corporate Offices and later for production of the Hurley II.

corporate office

Although the Town & Country was fully lined on the interior, growing concerns over the use of aluminum prompted the company to begin development of a stainless steel model. Along with the raw material changes, other changes were made to improve the performance. The new model, the Hurley II, was made available in 1987. By 1989, sales of the Town & Country were dominated by those of the Hurley II, and production of the Town & Country was discontinued. The Hurley Novus, an under-the-sink version of the Hurley II, was introduced in June 1990.The Hurley III comes with an added media for lead reduction. These units have been certified against industry standards set under National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) Standard 53 for lead. Testing was completed done by Spectrum Labs of St. Paul, Minnesota. During the 1980’s, distributors were established in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.