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You can get all of your money back when you
purchase a Hurley Chicago refurbishable water filter.

Hurley Chicago Water FilterClean clear water by Hurley Chicago clean water for over 40 years

You can have clean, clear healthy water
with a Hurley Chicago water filtration system.

Would you drink bleach?
Of course not! ½ a cup of bleach would kill you, yet bleach is 5.25 percent chlorine.
Chlorine is a toxic chemical – but, it is necessary to give us potable water. Chlorine kills the tiny microbes and bacteria in the water. So, when you drink water from a city water supply… you are drinking chlorine.

A Hurley Filter
Reduces by 99.9%; chlorine, bacteria, cysts, sediment and organic chemicals like chlorine, taste, odor, color, and heavy metals like:

  • Lead (98.6%) - For making car batteries
  • Manganese (99.9%) - Used in making stainless steel
  • Cadmium (98.7%) -For stabilizing plastic
  • Copper (99.5%) In electrical wires
  • Iron (96.5) Found in well water
  • Mercury (99.9%) - In thermometers
  • Aluminum (87.3% ) – Forbidden in use of pots and pans
  • Zinc (97.3%). - Anti corrosion agent
Hurley Chicago filters usually last 5 to 7 years.  
With a Hurley Chicago Filter you will not have to buy and carry heavy bottled water into your home.

You Can Drink Healthy Great Tasting Water and Get All of Your Money Back!
If you’re drinking bottled water to have a better tasting water, well – your drinking plasticized material leaching from the bottle, plus bisphenol “A”– a toxic compound used in making plastic bottles. Using a Hurley-Chicago filter will create a gourmet taste in your coffee, tea soups – all of your cooking. Call 815-472-0087 to get rid of the nasty chemicals and horrible taste in your water. You can get all of your money back when you purchase a Hurley refurbishable water filter. Not just a partial rebate – all of your purchase price money comes back to you!
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